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Great News! Influence to Profit is now Ethical Marketing Academy!

Sunday, April 9th, 2023 : Read 60 Times : 114 words (Aprox 1 min read)

I'm very excited to unveil our new brand!

This rebranding has been a long time coming. When we first started Influence to Profit, we taught just one thing: ethical influence and persuasion.

But we have evolved so far beyond that over the years with our programs like Speaking to Profit, Publishing to Profit, Marketing to Profit, NLP Copywriting Mastery, and more.

While ethical influence is still a major part of everything we teach, we really are about teaching marketing and business, and now our top values of integrity and ethics are front and center in the brand name.

So, I'm proud to introduce you to our new identity: Ethical Marketing Academy

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