New! "Get Access to Many of Our Online Training Courses PLUS a Live Group Coaching Call Each Month with NLP and Marketing Master Michael Stevenson"

It's Like a "Netflix" of Business Training and it's LESS Than a Cup of Coffee Each Day!

Michael Stevenson NLP training
From the Desk of Michael Stevenson
Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Master Business and Success Coach
Co-Founder, Ethical Marketing Academy

If you've ever looked into business and marketing trainings, you know how expensive they can be.

You can spend weeks of your life learning everything and thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money.

I myself have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on my business education, coaching, and mentoring.

Was it worth it?

As one of the most in-demand Business and Success Coaches in the world, the answer is, absolutely yes!

But how do you learn these skills without having to spend a ton of money on tuition, airfare, hotel, rental car, and even dining out while out of town at an event can cost a FORTUNE?!

Now You Can Get Access to a Growing Number of Our Online Courses With Our New Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport Video On Demand Membership Program

online NLP coursesWe are opening an opportunity to only a few, select individuals offering an Members Only Passport membership to our library of online courses.

This includes full, unrestricted, ongoing access to selections from our library of courses for you as a member — both the existing courses and future courses added to the membership — PLUS an array of continually updated special courses only available to Members Only Passport members.

Your membership includes all of these courses and more:

  1. Foundations to Profit (Normally $87)
  2. Mindset to Profit (Normally $197)
  3. Mastering Sales with NLP (Normally $197)
  4. Foundations to Profit Home Study Video Course (normally $87)
  5. The Irresistible Elevator Pitch Formula Home Study (normally $147)
  6. With More Courses Added Regularly!
    Planned Upcoming Courses that Will Be Included for Members of this Program
    • Buliding Your Home Study
    • Storytelling for Selling
    • How to Create Your First eBook in One Day
    • Easy Blog Articles for Organic Marketing
    • Overcoming Overwhelm and Shiny Object Syndrome
    • How to Be Innovative
    • Living the Laptop Lifestyle
    • How to Be a Master Decision Maker in Business
    • And More...
  7. PLUS One Group Coaching Call on the topics of Business and Marketing with Michael Stevenson EVERY Month! (priceless)

That's immediate access to over $1,300 in online courses plus all typically-included bonuses with each course, with immediate access soon as you enroll.

You'll get all this for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day from one of those coffee stores you see on every corner!

PLUS Get Coaching from Master Business and Success Coach and Ethical Influence and Persuasion Expert, Michael Stevenson, Each Month

The Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport also includes our I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E.R.S. Group Coaching Program with a live group coaching call with NLP Master Trainer and Success Coach, Michael Stevenson, each month. You'll get coaching on topics of ethical influence and persuasion, marketing, communication, sales, and more, as well as 10 months of recorded archived calls.

This is a great opportunity to interact with Michael and ask him questions on the calls.

The coaching with Michael is worth the monthly investment alone and may be the most valuable part of this program.

Thanks to the Internet, You Can Get this Training and Coaching At Home at a Fraction of the Investment

Now, thanks to advancements in digital technology, we can deliver courses that you can attend at your own time, from the comfort of your own home.

Many of our online courses were recorded at the live events in high quality digital video and audio giving you an experience that is as close to attending a live event as possible.

Why You Want to Learn From Home:

  • You'll get first-hand experience, as if you were in a live course or a one-on-one conversation with Michael
  • You'll get instant access from checkout
  • You have the ability to watch 24/7, 365 days a year, on your own busy schedule
  • You can learn at your own pace
  • Attend from anywhere in the world
  • You can watch on your computer, laptop, tablet, or smart-phone
  • And, there's full support via phone, email, Live Chat, and our private facebook group. You'll never feel like you're learning alone and you can get questions answered anytime

You'll be able to learn easier and more affordably than ever before.

Even if you typically prefer "Live" courses to online courses and eventually plan to attend a live course, these make a great pre-study so you're prepared for when you do eventually attend.

"Many people tell me that they're not sure they can learn from an online course. The truth is, you'll never know until you try. That's why I guarantee this program.

"Any online course you take and benefit from right now is far better than the live course you intend to take in the future, but may never get around to.

"I know the tools, techniques, and strategies that I teach in these courses will make as much of a positive impact in your career and your life as they have in mine, and I hope to share the profound joy of creating a magnificent life — where every dream becomes reality — with you." -Michael Stevenson

How Long is This Program?

These are work-at-your-own-pace online courses and trainings, and you can stay a member for as long as you want and cancel anytime.

You'll get unlimited, unrestricted streaming access to the online courses in the Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport Program and to the group coaching with Michael for as long as you're a member.

All this for less than the price of a cup of coffee each day!

What if I Already Own Ethical Marketing Academy Courses?

This is an entirely different program, offering streaming membership access to our online courses and coaching for the duration of the membership.

Your existing purchases are yours for life and will remain yours whether or not you're a member and any certification courses you purchased include certification in the sale price you paid at that time.

For that reason, and since the price is already so low, we do not discount the Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport. We do believe that all the other courses in our library you do not yet have access to are well worth the price of a cup of coffee each day.


Get Full Access To Most Of Our Online Courses. You Can Cancel At Any Time So There's No Risk

NLP Guarntee

Enroll in the Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport today and use it to your heart's content.

You may cancel your membership at any time without penalty.

If — for any reason at all — you aren't completely thrilled with your purchase of the program within the first 30 days, submit a refund request and we will immediately cancel any further billing and refund your initial charge. No hassles, just great service, the way it should be. After that, you can cancel at any time without penalty.

This way, you can try this program out and take as much time as you need to use the tools and techniques with complete confidence and peace of mind. Now that's what I call a win/win!

Get the Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport Right Now!

Yes, I want immediate access to the selections from the library of Ethical Marketing Academy home study courses and bonuses online!

I'm ready to receive:

  • Access to a growing number of our online courses
  • Group coaching with Michael Stevenson each month
  • Access to exclusive content only for current Ethical Marketing Academy Members Only Passport members
  • Full support via phone, live chat, email, and private facebook group

Limited Time Membership Special:
Value of All Courses Plus Coaching with Michael: $1,300+

Special: Just $27 /mo

That is literally less than the price of one cup per day of coffee at only $0.87 /day!